Promotion Options

For Artists: Click HERE to receive updates of our Opps. Scroll down to submit your formal request of what you are trying to gain in your exposure effort.

Our main promotion we push with is through the Gwop Co – Op Network. Click the link in the above paragraph to add your name, ie. your brand, to this highly proficient network in which you will receive key updates of great exposure opportunities. It offers a unique variety of promotional platforms for any entity aiming for profitable awareness to the hip hop community. The key asset to a lucrative exposure venture is just that; exposure.  Although not always realistic.  The creation of G.C.O.N is a new exposure channel to aid artists and other hip hop brands utilize the best opportunities resource to expose themselves.  Each other!  The Gwop Co – Op Network is igniting the utilization of a open source of contacts in different markets that supply the support needed to expose a fellow brand in their region in return for the same. We have a database of independent promoters, distributors, artists, endorsers, DJ’s and businesses that support the push of hip hop. This inclusive network offers some very unique approaches to promote your brand within trusted inner circles.  Which in turn garners starch support towards new engagement for your brand.

The ability to have a efficient Co – Op campaign with a already existing brand can cut out the back/forth and unstructured negotiation process. As well as perform a quality cost effective push for a otherwise unknown, underdeveloped brand in a new region. We have configured a seamless yet extremely effective structure which aids to grow awareness of your brand.  And yet furthermore, create strong relationships which can also aid in continuing perseverance. Its like putting yourself on commercial radio; where you are receiving a endorsement from a already local recognized presence. You receive 1000’s of views in this market due to aggressive virtual and grassroots channels through this Co-Op partnership network via distributing leaflets, radio commercials, online video, performances, and social media blast.  You have someone pushing your brand, vigorously. And because its in the G.C.O.N, you can trust all vetting has been done to secure a affirmed transaction.  Because its done with GG at the helm, configuring & monitoring all the activity of the venture, your promotion flourishes affluently.

To receive the network opportunities on some of these best exposure opps fill out the form below (see a example of a co-op’ed exposure opp Here):

Heres a sneak peek at our expanded services offered once the official site launches. BETA Testing. Sign up for Free Here

> _ G Co-op Colabo which does not contain specialties or mandatory requirements. These opps present the listing the endorser offers the opportunity to colab via a feature track, feature show, publicity appearance, or any other exposure outlet that they have available. You both set the terms of the engagement and execute. We’ll track the progress through online traffic. FEE: FREE W/ MEMBERSHIP
> _ G Co-op Basic offers a opp to which there is a requirement from the endorser to take on the offer. The endorser offers the exposure opportunity by requiring actual payment or bid to feature bids to attain the opp. The opp is executed by the endorser once terms are reached. GG tracks progress and keeps endorser on schedule. A full report is given after words. FEE: varies per offer
> _ G Co-op Plus offers a requirement from endorser to initiate a binding G – Swap Opportunity. Which means that the promotion is a mutual effort on both parties. The endorser will have minimum specified metrics to reach in order to be paid out. The re-endorser, you, will also have requirements to reach via social media. We will be in contact with both parties to track and report campaign activity along with suggested adjustments to garner incoming traffic, monitoring goal reach,and FEE: Varies per opp

> _ G Co-op Max is full campaign swap by both parties managed by Gwop Ghettas. The offering endorser offers the swap, however the patron endorser that excepts the swap must trade a full campaign in their market garnering from their following. Both must utilize GG PROMO strategy. We will be in consistent contact to monitor the campaign to report activity. We will also be in touch with both parties with adjustments to improve campaigns viewership.
> _ Your impressed! BUT we’re gonna go even further. Heres what sets us really apart from any other exposure outlet. On some of our Swaps, the endorser will have co-sponsor slots on the campaigns. This will give you a highly exposed presentation on all the outlets used on the promotion for as little as $20. $20?! You get exposure in a new area for almost nothing. Building that repore, you can continue to capitalize. What more could you ask for! You can also do monthly. Sign up for monthly co-sponsor slot here.

> Every campaign we hire a Gwop Ghettas approved team to promote at the opportunity. They all utilize the tested and proven execution of the campaigns that garners high traffic to your online presence. You also have tracking, reporting, and advisement to use as a tool to continue your growth in that market.

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