So why Gwop Ghettas?

Picture this: You are a serious artist, so you realize you have to receive serious push in as many markets as possible. So say you are in Oakland and want penetration in Houston.
> With $10,000 for a radio promoter, $5000 more to retain them to keep your music on air, $1000/wk for decent street team, $5000 to retain a PR person, and 10% for Booking Manager fees; that will be about $30,000 + whatever the exposure company like radio will charge. That should get you started.


> You can pay a couple dollars that allows you access to submit to opps that are coveted exposure in that market and receive the individualized analysis needed to formulate a effective push.  We not only provide you the opp, we analyze and manage your online push to assure your brand is flourished effectively.  We work tirelessly to get you the most valuable asset. A committed, dedicated fan base to this market. Of course your results depend on the size of the opportunity in conjunction with your active involvement. (Sort of a lead horse to water thing). The key is that you have direction, which allows better cost efficiency for your promotional dollars. Only now you have GG joining you with every push. So now you have true professional analysis, creative direction, and a career advisor to help you make the right decisions to expose your brand.

Choosing from our Online Analyze & Report Service Plans you can select: (**Individual listed Liaise fees are only for general subscribers who are not signed up for service plans)

Plan A. Which is our general service that evaluates each current and individual promotional push. Whether it be a PPC campaign or monitoring activity on your last show, we’ll give a detail report of the before and after of that run by measuring changes in online traffic. This also includes consultation of how to capitalize or improve.  Only $16.99 $9.99 per request. Delivered in less than 24 hours. See Report Sample HereGet your own evaluation

Plan B. This plan is a more in depth analysis of all your campaigns on a monthly basis. It also exhibits detail recommendations of what to do on your next campaign to increase your awareness in a particular geographic or demographic market.  You will have what is needed for a plan of attack to attain your goals more proficiently. $69.99 $59.99/mo – 2 reports. Get your own evaluation

Plan C. let us lay out a detailed report for you online activity for a period of time.  We will monitor all your activity and you will receive a through layout of what is happening to your profile online, translate it in terms of the value, and detail the suggestions so you have a constant execution strategy. $129 $109- 3 reports. Get your own evaluation

And instill these other services also to maximize your efficiency:

– Online Brand Re-invention – reconfiguration of your online presence layout to increase SEO and engagement with followers

– Online Media Management: One of the most important service.   Hire one of our dedicated Social Media Managers to boost your service and achieve your success.  Engagement is key and can be the difference between success and failure.   (Hire by inquiring via email:

– Management Consultation – our parent company T.R. Marketing & Management can be attained on a retainer status to have continuous analysis and advisory of your brand development after every push (ie. concert, tour, promotion or mixtape feature). They will create adjustments that could aid you continue to grow in which you can ask for the highest $$ when presenting your service offer,

– Booking Manager – through our own efforts we scour the globe finding the best exposure opportunities around. If we see something we believe will help grow indie hip hop brands we present it out and ask if they would like to be considered.  We like to consider us a Liaise to these opportunities. Acts can have a exclusive agreement or just a one-off (per opp) arrangement.  Just know all opps will be vetted for benefits and market target appreciation.

– Creative Design and Direction

– Promotion Creation and Management

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