Music Platform coming

HipHopSilloutteWe a proud to announce that our new Music Platform is around the corner.  Gwop Ghettas Music will soon be streaming catalogs of tracks from mainstream and indie artists on one platform.  Our goal has not changed.  We will bring the most influential hip hop to the masses.  The more unknown, yet quality, the better.  Taking back hip hop to its original existence. We are just bringing it to you first, rather than you looking for it.

 Hear the music, love it, then absorb it.

         Gwop Ghettas Music, Coming Verrry Soon!

Artists submit your tracks to subject: track submission

to be considered for display.

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GG Circuit. Tour Stops!!


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Reaffirming Hip Hop Music

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Bringing youHipHopSilloutte Hip Hop!


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EVENT! Gwop Ghettas Affiliated @ SxSW Austin, TX

SXSW_Austin_TX_Hip_HopOne of our most prestigious events has officially been locked in!!!

Will Hustle TV Entertainment, a Gwop Ghettas Partner, along  will be hosting it’s own showcase at one of the most premium music events in the World. SxSW! Where more than 80% of the top hip hop acts have performed.

Anytown USA Showcase

Mar. 15 @ Bayou Lounge

Come party with the top DJ’s & Media Outlets as they view some of the hottest underground acts around.


You’ll Enjoy:
– 5+ Premier GG Affil. Performances.

Artists Like ‘Savvy yola’:

– Included in Live Taping & DVD
– Great Drinks & Bottle Service
– All that SXSW Music has to offer
– Heavy Austin night life

Extra: Discount on SXSW official Event Pass only though the official GG portal.

Artists looking to Perform? Submit a Performance Opp form to be considered HERE


– Subscribe to receive our email/text notifications. Enter your email address on any of the submission forms or text ‘gwopghettas’ to 31996.

– Want to be a partner and colaborate on lucrative efforts to promote?

– Submit our own offers.  One of our biggest goals is to grow a lucrative network. We are looking for submissions to present to the GG network.

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Event: GG Affiliated Opening up for Republic Records artist Adrian Marcel

Nov. 20 Gwop Ghettas Affiliated will be in the house opening up for Republic Records recording artist Adrian Marcel, maker of the hit song “2 a.m.”, in San Jose. Tix are only $20 (normal $25 – 30). Order your tic now!! Securely pay through PayPal below!

AdrianMarcel_Gwop_Ghettas_Hip_Hop_MovementsPurchase Tix by Paypal -> Buy Now Button

Artists wanting to apply to perform?

Submit HERE!

Questions? Submit in “Reply” field below

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Partner Types

We consider anybody that wishes to engage with our network a partner.  If you show support for any of our shows, merchandise, or music you are a GG partner.  Specific registered partners working within our network are classified in 4 different categories:

  • Artist – a entity that provides a work to be promoted, distributed, or presented as a form of entertainment through our network. Can be music, editorial/write-up, art, video, etc.
  • Affiliate – A entity that adopts our presented works, opportunities, or campaigns to achieve the highest effect on any effort.  This can include a coordinated campaign, affiliated promotion of our endorsements using their own stratgies, or a agent of projects.  These parties normally provide the localized support needed to make a opportunity flow in outside circles
  • Booker – This is a entity that books acts.  Either offers booking opportunities or finds artists to book through GG Affiliated for their events.
  • Promoter – A entity that provides promotional support on campaigns for projects.  This can include online promo support, ground promo support, consultation, booking, and whatever is needed to provide a quality push for the project/opportunity.

– Any forms you submit automatically enters you into our database and thus receive our highly essential updates.  One of the most important factors to succeeding through GG, You will receive all updates of the latest exposure opportunities to adopt, information of how to post your own offerings/services, and outside client inquiries. Register at ‘G-Co Net’

– Want to be a partner and colaborate on lucrative efforts to promote or refer clients? Register to become one at click ‘Become a Partner’

– Have you submitted a offer for your own opportunity or service yet? Go to and go to the G-Co Net, create your profile, and start submitting your opportunities so we can get them blasted to the the entire network. You can also see upcoming opportunities to submit to participate in on the ‘Events’ page.

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