For Artists looking to Join GG:

Gwop Ghettas and why is it a value to me?

With Gwop Ghettas, you have a partner to aid you expose your brand.  We excel in internet marketing promotions But even more important is YOUR independent exposure support.  Are you or your brand on the level that is ready to break or are you just starting out? Do you want to engage a venture to get your feet wet or flourish your already establishing brand? Gwop Ghettas gives you a facet and a vehicle to span your brand awareness. You have a reliable promotions management department accountable to the precise and accurate execution of your campaigns.  A brand/concept needs constant push and strategic maneuvering to garner success. And when you cultivate that through strategic consistent efforts, such as online promotions, it allows a more reachable approach to achieve expansion goals.

What is the benefit of having a management consultant for my internet presence?

The reason you want promotions management is the same reason you would want any kind of business manager.  Having a promotions manager to handle your social media updates, creative image direction, and strategic support will assure your promotional efforts are maximized to their full capacity and executed with precision.  When you promote your brand correctly, rather than subjectively, your fan loyalty is more vast and genuine.  Which of course translates to establishing a more valuable brand.

What is the Gwop Co – Op Network?

The Gwop Co – Op Net is a collaborative network of partners engaged in the hip hop community administrated by Gwop Ghettas/T.R.Marketing. It garners opportunities for hip hop acts from these same resources that are the most gainful exposure opss available.   GG vets the opp and presents it to the network with benefits in regards to gainful exposure.  Its the most intimate way to place indie brands into successful exposure positions, without breaking the bank. Also this method is known to attract the most loyal fan base.

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