New Shows, New Appearances. We have Re-vamped for Users

Badman tour closing off its first part. Savvy Yola had a lot of fun and ripped a couple stages.  We were happy to be with him on it .

We are locking new Exposure Event with more great acts. Coming soon, Gwop Ghettas are SXSW in March, and in the works for the ” La Badman Continues” Tour.

Current Expo Opps

Offered by: Lex Luther Ent

Oppor: Lex Luther Presents……
Date: Every Friday & Saturday Type of Opp: showcase

Oppor: Love that “Effen” Vodka by 50Cent, Date: Open booking, Type of Opp: performance/showcase

Location: Bay Area, California

Proposed Opps:

Badman Tour Continues

Date(s): mid – Feb – March
Location(s): pursuing Montana, Colorado, Utah,California, Arizona, Ohio, Texas

Gwop Ghettas @ SXSW
Date: March 16 *SxSw Music Festival Opening nite
Location: Austin, TX

Artists that think they have the chops to make moves with Gwop Ghettas, apply for these oppor’s in the G-Co Net.

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About gwopghettas

Gwop Ghettas is the pursuant to campaign for hip hop excellence. We embellish all facets of hip hop, indie and mainstream. Hip hop is here and going nowhere. The genre that inspired a multi generational, as well as a multi-cultural dedicated following now has another voice to showcase it.
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