New Shows, New Appearances. We have Re-vamped for Users

Badman tour closing off its first part. Savvy Yola had a lot of fun and ripped a couple stages.  We were happy to be with him on it .

We are locking new Exposure Event with more great acts. Coming soon, Gwop Ghettas are SXSW in March, and in the works for the ” La Badman Continues” Tour.

Current Expo Opps

Offered by: Lex Luther Ent

Oppor: Lex Luther Presents……
Date: Every Friday & Saturday Type of Opp: showcase

Oppor: Love that “Effen” Vodka by 50Cent, Date: Open booking, Type of Opp: performance/showcase

Location: Bay Area, California

Proposed Opps:

Badman Tour Continues

Date(s): mid – Feb – March
Location(s): pursuing Montana, Colorado, Utah,California, Arizona, Ohio, Texas

Gwop Ghettas @ SXSW
Date: March 16 *SxSw Music Festival Opening nite
Location: Austin, TX

Artists that think they have the chops to make moves with Gwop Ghettas, apply for these oppor’s in the G-Co Net.

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