For Artists: Expo Opps – Bavgate

We have a great Expo opp ingested into the G.C.O. Net (whats this?) for all artists ready for their next big move.

This expo opp is a track drop & push enriched with Former No Limit Recording Artist, Bavgate. Bavgate-In-Yo-Face-Mix-Vol_-1Oakland’s finest.  Bavgate was formally apart of the hip hop duo Steady Mobbin. He has a accolades all over the U.S. and can gain your noterighty for your brand heavily in the areas of Northern California, Louisiana, and Texas.

Acquiring this opp includes a promotional online push for optimal calculated exposure campaign for 3 mo from T.R. Marketing Group. This will progress your efforts to grow your brand awareness in different markets, thusly allowing you to direct your efforts. Cost is $1850.  All GG pushes include a creative direction synopsis, analysis reporting, and general campaign management.

Presented by members GG T.R. Marketing Mana. & Cheyenne. Submit if you are interested in attaining this opp.

Know somebody that will embrace this opp, forward them the link.


About gwopghettas

Gwop Ghettas is the pursuant to campaign for hip hop excellence. We embellish all facets of hip hop, indie and mainstream. Hip hop is here and going nowhere. The genre that inspired a multi generational, as well as a multi-cultural dedicated following now has another voice to showcase it.
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