What can be done to push Hip Hop?

The reasoning is simple.  We represent the art of hip hop.  You can’t have hip hop without an artist to perform, a promoter to push, and fan base to receive the endowment.  How did them high school girls in suburbia start lacing their phones with rhinestones and refer to it as “bling”?  When did the punk rockers start putting Kris on ice? Why did designers like Ed Hardy start fashioning tagging type designs on their apparel?

More times then not, a hip hop artists said or did it first.  Gwop Ghettas crew does whatHipHopConcert they do to continue that trend setting and inspired cultured integration into day to day society.  But it starts by presenting the artists. 1000’s of untapped potential dropping bars in the garage, bedroom, at the pot-nas studio in the warehouse, and at the club.  Wherever they be, we want to be the katana blade on their side as their tool to break out the jungle.  However we want to be the genuine tool that aids in true brand development. As you saw in our entry “Watching out for Overrated, Ineffective Promotion” , the passion is not there in a lot of indie promotion services.  Its hard to knock them because, just like artists, they are a business and have to get paid for what they do.  The problem is, they see most hip hop, specifically indie, as something to profit on its entirety, but do not concentrate on developing a individual brand.  Which is the importance of progression, and thusly success.  Its not that its necessarily bad promotions, but it is UNENLIGHTENED, UNINVOLVED promotion.  A lot of artist brands are going into these services without a plan or a strategy of how, where, or who this promotion is going to engage.  Thusly, it gives the inability to construct a lucrative, beneficial path to push the brand. A perfect comparison will be like driving a car with only the mandatory parts in the engine to get it out the dealership gate and on the street.  You know your destination but do not have all the components needed actually to actually drive.

GG aims to be the entity you can lean on for support.  We want to be the email or PM message you send in the middle of the night asking “How HHU-Banner(@hiphopunion )would you push this?” or “We want to do ___ for our next push. What do you think?”  So due to the requests to assert clarity, here is a couple best suggestions to use quality promotion services to expand hip hop catered brand like music or clothing.

#1.  Use the facilitation of a new exposure database we call Gwop Co – Op Network (sign up is below)for all or majority of your pushes.  This network is a committed & engaged growing database network of businesses, promoters, and approved artists that support growing hip hop brands.  They offer the exposure of up and coming artist to their flock, and a lot of times just ask the same in return.  They will trade a lucrative endorsement to all their supporters/customers/fans for your support for their endeavors in your circle.  When you opt-in, you will receive weekly updates of ventures submitted into the market detailing features, performance/tour opps, hosting gigs, co-product distribution, and exposure promotions.  As well as anything else you can submit and blast to these same entities. Example, broadcast your next mix tape drop and include a offer for other artists to be included. Your building relationships with entities in other regions as well as your brand. Engaging though GG only validates it more intimately because we operate as a mediator, so you have the assurance your going through a person and not a program.

We highly, highly recommend you Sign up to talk to a T.R. Marketing Representative immediately about this. Here is form:

#2. Connect with GG/T.R. Marketing direct to consult of you projects. (form above) Most of the initial consult is free to maybe $25.  Its a low investment to make sure you know where you stand as a commodity.  Order a Act Evaluator service so you can constantly know the marketing value of your brand.  This will aid tremendously in target goal adjustment and new reach for your pushes.

#3.  We have monthly promotion services that help develop your online presence (look in our ‘Services’ page on the ‘For Artists’ Section), but one of the best key assets to suggest is a ongoing consult to monitor your online presence and gauge your activity.  To have a lucrative brand you should have constant adjustments, trend watching, and follow up of pushes to analyze. We propose different amendments to each of your pushes.  You want to know how many new fans responded to your last blast or concert as well as make sure you have follow up engagement with them.

To promote your brand is non stop continuous push, its not momentary.  Its not impulsion.  So keep us in mind for professional aid on to growing your brand profitability.

From, Dem Gwop Ghettaaassss!!!

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2 Responses to What can be done to push Hip Hop?

  1. MontgallShottas says:

    Email me if u tryna work together for free

    • gwopghettas says:

      What you mean for FREE bossman. If your saying you will promote for free I got mad artists that can drop you work for you to sell their product all day. That would be a great asset to the network. Where are you located?

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