Artist Expo Opp: We are booking Indie Hip Hop for The Extreme Tour!


Host: The Extreme Tour

Description: This exposure opp is a 3 month engagement throughout the US and Canada and several other sites.  We are submitting on behalf of 7 artists in the hip hop genres for a few or as many dates as possible. Artists can kill one stage or 100. Some stops will be L.A., Oakland, SD, Phoenix, East stops in VA, New York, Ohio, and international like Mexico. The selection process will be monitored and reported by us here at GG to all submissions and if booked, artists receive free consultation on how to execute your promotion for dates you reserve.

Date Proposed: June – Oct 2015 Estimated

Type of Exp. Opp: Tour

Expected Attendance: 300 – 1000/per stop

Proposed Benefit/Compensation: Travel Stipend, GG Promotion Management to assure growth of brand awareness; and possible performance compensation for select artists.

Main push: Integrated Brand Recognition within The Extreme Tour atmosphere

Co – Op Spots (What this?): None

Deadline to Submit: 12/22

Price: $3.99 Liaise fee (Whats this?) to Submit Act on your behalf.

**Liaise fee only for guest users who do not have a GG service.

Would you like to submit your act for this Exposure Opportunity?  Submit your EPK/press info to, Subject: Extreme Opp

See Past Videos of Performances on Extreme Tour HERE

N/A To lock in a Co – Op spot, if applicable, for this opp submit your info to along with the opp title.

If not already a subscriber of updates, but want to keep in the know about future Expo Opps to be considered? Register Here

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2 Responses to Artist Expo Opp: We are booking Indie Hip Hop for The Extreme Tour!

  1. I would like to get more information about the tour opportunities and next tours you have coming up…

    New Video “Bando” Blazze Buckz Ft. D-Black & Pooh Pistols – YouTube

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