New Opp: We have a Open Exposure Opp Available

cropped-gwop_ghetta_logo.jpgWe have a exposure opp to offer with great possibilities to penetrate/grow your brand in a lucrative market. Here are details:

Location: 2 location (TBC) Oakland, CA

Host: Gwop Ghettas for Qwizman

Date Proposed: Nov. 15 & 16 (Dates May Change)

Type of EP: On/Off Line Grassroots push

Expected Attendance: 1000 – 2500

Proposed Disbursement: 1500 Pieces

Main push: “Qwizman Comedy Hour” DVD

Co – Op Spots (?): 3 ($40/spot)

Deadline to Submit: 11/15 800am

To lock in a Co – op spot submit your info to

Want to keep in the know-how about future spots. Register Here


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About gwopghettas

Gwop Ghettas is the pursuant to campaign for hip hop excellence. We embellish all facets of hip hop, indie and mainstream. Hip hop is here and going nowhere. The genre that inspired a multi generational, as well as a multi-cultural dedicated following now has another voice to showcase it.
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