Is it good to have friends like Russell Simmons help push

RusselSimmonsHow much more can the cliché be?  When we work together, we achieve more. So that should work for all aspects of life. Especially the flourishing of commerce. When affectively using contacts, the one thing we definitely found to be false, was that its all about who you know.   Take that old adage and toss it to the wind. Any aspects where “sales” is included is a business.  You produce music so people can listen, so it must be respected as a brand. Is music a skill? Do you produce a item to sell? As any kind of business demonstrates, there must be solid return for any investment. If you know Russell Simmons, is it guaranteed that you will get a record deal?(ie. his nephews both sought deals, do you remember there nams)

Of course not, especially if your not seen as a commodity in a majority spectrum. You should be saying to yourself, ‘what do I have to give to you Russ?’  ‘You already got big money & success, I can give you ___.’ What you have to understand is you can only give what you have grown, what can transpire into monetary gain.  What do you have to offer to Mr. Simmons agenda? (Use our Act Evaluator to give value to your brand). In his highly acclaimed best seller, “Do you! 12 Laws to access….” Rus states ‘Its impossible to achieve any sort of lasting success without giving something of value first.’ However the snake chasing the tail effect is you have to invest a lot into yourself first to develop relevant skill to produce quality material.

Co -op is a really superb way to achieve this in a sufficient manner.  You have to connect with like minded individuals to insert in quality groups to legitimize exposure efforts. images1When you are in the same surrounding of like minded people looking to achieve expanded brand awareness, it is possible that more opportunities can open for you. Hands down a way more cost effective way to push. But here in also lies the caveat. Its important to do your research. You are at the mercy of these clandestine connects were many  are not vetted well. It could be a organization, like GG, that works thoroughly to execute and analyze all movements, and then at the same time be a lay about hypeman. The one thing you will hear from us always is be precise and strategic in execution and reporting of your promotions. Every promo has to be rigorous, but carefully planned.  So yeah it would be great to have a asset like Russell Simmons to help push, just make sure you have something viable to present. This qualifies your act and thusly shows your value.

Written by Gwop Ghettas.

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