Real HOOD Comedy Entertainment


Oakland, CA

Yo, OAKLAND! Berkley! Richmond! LA! OC! Compton! SD! Introducing hip hop Comedy entertainment to you.  2014 version of Hood “out-the-trunk-distro” Comedy. On display right now, “Qwiz Comedy Hour Vol. 1.” – hip hop Comedy strictly for the hood (only $6.50) Reserve now to get one of last copies from that fool Qwizman aka The Specialist before Vol. 2 comes out. Its a bootleg Dave Chappelle but its pretty funny stuff!  . We will hosting a booth to push the last copies of Vol. 1 with a couple other pieces of hip hop media from our top artists. Come check it out and get a preview of the next volume in the “Qwiz Comedy Series” @ date/location TBD in Oakland.

Last copies going out the door. Reserve yours now by email, Subject: Qwiz Vol. 1; If you want a copy, we can mail to you or you can pick it up at the booth.

Gwop Ghettaaaasss!! follow on to get update when location is released. Stand up Oakland, Berkley, LA, SD, Orange City, Compton, and more.

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