Gwop Ghettas Giving Value to Indie brands!

imagesTUJGYQOC imagesTUJGYQOCWelcome to the Gwop Ghettas Site.  One of the main goals of GG is to aid artists that believe they have a product the public should own.  They know they have the music to make people dance, reminisce, or inspire.  However, they may just need a semblance of business direction. We want to be the tool that can direct and coordinate those exposure efforts. With Gwop Ghettas (subsidiary of T.R. Marketing & Mana.), an independent artist now has a professional marketing department of their own to create appropriate result driven plans which will position the brand to attain the maximum return for the music. Indie is the way to go now when selling music and no matter how you shape it, the end result all artists aim for their music is $$$.  Well now you have the directional support needed to do this steadily. The same consultation asset the million dollar brands use, is now here for the indie artist.

We would like to introduce you to the ultimate promo asset.  Us!  Gwop Ghettas is a promotion company that gives indie hip hop one of the most powerful tools to use.  Lets reflect back to the 90’s for a second. Hip Hop music listernship grew from the art of grinding in the street or out the trunk distribution.   hiphoppicWhen the free capitalist market got a hold of it, they marketed it over the top with structured promotion tactics to present the material to as much people as possible.  And it really worked! Hip Hop went from tape bangers to a dedicated cult east coast following to a billion dollar a year selling music genre which inspired a international cultural phenomenon.  Hip hop out sold rock 3+ years in a row, which no other genre has ever done in 25 years. The music was there, it just needed the guidance. We can all roll our eyes and criticize all we want, but numbers do not lie.  Hip hop did not see the astronomical earnings it did until corporate America constructed it.  What made the push to grow hip hop music successful was carefully designed, pinpointed marketing processes to build brand awareness.

So why should you as a artists now be excited? Well your not a marketer, yet without key efficient marketing the most unholy thing happens. Nothing! A real artist needs a marketing plan to earn from their music. We are proud to offer you, the artists, now the opportunity to utilize the same assets the billion dollar industry uses to push their music.  With the addition of social media to modern society, indie music is in a more rational, affordable position to attain an effective, manageable push for their brand.  Which turns in revenue for the artists. We have many services that aid to flourish your brand, your product; aka your music.  Your music is your product, so you need to have access to the structure which will translate to earning money off of it.  And that is what Gwop Ghettas is here to do for you.

So lets get you started with 4 steps:

1. The first step is to get a Act Evaluaton in order to get a accurate summation of where your performance act stands currently. The AE is a great starting tool, T.R.M.M. provides for generating a initial look at a current musical performance presentation, evaluate it, and give a thorough analysis which can be used to monetize. In other words, give it a value. You want to know how much your act is worth so you have the negotiating power when ready to present your Service Offer. GET YOUR OWN EVALUATION NOW, Here

2.  Hook up with a textbook marketing group, like our own T.R. Marketing & Man, to create a customized promotion plan to grow awareness in preferred markets.  Whoever you select you make sure to have them consistently monitor and manage your pushes. Such as watching the progress and feedback of your online presences. When done correctly, these channels are one of the best ways to track fans admiration, adjustment to your own operations compared to common threads, and creation for new innovate campaigns. This gives a unique perspective on what and where to grow your market, and also allows you to make the appropriate adjustments to garner even higher potential: Submit here to receive free initial consult from T.R. Marketing & Management for creative direction and management of new online campaigns:

3.  Coordinate your continuous execution strategy and entwine with your progressing online activity in order to calculate the most suitable time to provide your service offer for that market(s). imagesSLVDUHLW. Again we would refer you to T.R. Marketing & Man. (submit form above) to accomplish this.  This is not a one and done type situation if you want your brand to be synonymous with long term success. You need consistent updates, reconfiguration, advisory, and tracking that translates over to strategy adjustments to attain your pursued goals.

4.  Hit the market(s) hard to present your service offer. (ie performance, host gig, feature). We’ll give you all the support you need to roll out the sequence to the end. In other words, GET PAID!! If you have the presence in the market, it gives you the selling power event for the smallest thing. Fans = $$$. The process you have to initiate to this point This is the step to collect from your efforts.nickimanajMoney

GG’s goal is to finally represent the indie artist brands just like a Dr. Dre, 50 cent, or Jay-Z is represented online, and of course flourish it to a growing prestigious platform that will influence fans to a genuine strong admiration behavior to the brand. Plus, having an independent online marketing manager to execute consistent, aggressive campaigning which is the key to a long lasting, PAYING customer base.  Once you access this valuable adage, your sole purpose is to engage and delight a dedicated growing fan base to which gain future potential revenue.  (email to get a account manager assigned or complete form above). For an analysis and services like this, marketing companies charge $1000s to $10.000s. We give it to you for less than $20 to start if off. Ridiculously low investment for what a real grinding artist can flip to $100s and $1000s.

imagesThere is success in precision and we give this to every endowment. It’s important to know this in order to plan your every course of action to which to achieve your exposure goals. With this ammunition, whether it be to sell merchandise, grow your market share, present a feature bid, or negotiate for your next event, you now have a prestigious entity to move forward. Utilizing your current online presence via your SEO placement, Social Media/Website activity, and feedback from fans is the argument you can use to validate a good price for you service offer.  If an act attracts fans it is a commodity, so why settle for anything less than your top value.  So don’t waste anymore time. Lets Start Your growth journey:  Get Your Own Evaluation HERE

Haven’t seen a sample of the useful, valuable Act Evaluation yet? Click here


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  1. Franky D says:

    I believe in Gwop Ghettas

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