What is your act worth?

Believe it or not, even the most unknown acts still have a value to them. Its really is important to know your worth when you negotiate your performance compensation. It has to be attractive so you can engage sponsors, bookers, or general event coordinators. With this info you can market yourself more affectively on more lucrative deals. One of the most famous examples I love to give usually makes people flinch.  Do you know there are entertainers called Penis Puppeteers.  Now here it is, man actually getting paid to play with his privates.  Anybody can call it gross, or idiotic, even juvenile. But as long as the demand supports multiple shows a week, and can house several 100 people to pay to get in, you have to categorize it as entertainment.
There is a range of acts out there that are, for lack of better words, ‘undesirable’. However that falls into small consideration to a owner of a venue when they decide to book them. Why? Because its all about numbers to business people. You have a guy that plays the guitar with his feet is a unusual act in itself, so it will attract interest with standard promotions. A event coordinator would see the value in that. However, if it comes to a more saturated target, like musical acts, they can only calculate the investment by what you can show them. “If I put money into this, how can does this translate into revenue?”. We want to offer you our Act Evaluator.  The AE helps as a starting point to proceed to these goals you set for yourself.  If you had a customized detailed appraisal of your act, you can pitch a lucrative venture that would aid in your ventures. Not only that, but you also now have a more definitive way to gauge your success towards more growth.

So don’t always fall into the mindset that venue owners see no value in “small acts”. Make sure you use a service like our Act Evaluator to receive a accurate analysis for what your act is worth. It could make you some good income.  We aim to provide indie hip hop acts with the ammunition needed to know how much a commodity they are. You have to keep yourself motivated and pushing like a engine.  Use accurate metrics as a measurement to gage your ongoing success.

by Ron Senior

reppin’ dem Gwop Ghetttaaaassss!!

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