Official Site re-registration now. Relaunching soon. WWW.GWOPGHETTAS.COM (–click Everything moved to there. REGISTER TO RECEIVE UPDATES EVENT INVITES, free music and more.


About gwopghettas

Gwop Ghettas is the pursuant to campaign for hip hop excellence. We embellish all facets of hip hop, indie and mainstream. Hip hop is here and going nowhere. The genre that inspired a multi generational, as well as a multi-cultural dedicated following now has another voice to showcase it.
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One Response to new site GWOPGHETTAS.COM

  1. Ricky"Slick"Spivey says:

    Artist exposure,Tour booking,Radio airplay.
    I am C.E.O. of Tornado Alley Entertainment.
    After becoming a winner in the Coast2Coast contest my company sighed a distribution deal with Who?Mag/Sony Orchard.
    So now its time for the next phase is what im looking for.

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